Hygiene and behavior concept

In these turbulent times, it is of fundamental importance for us to set a good example. That is why we have developed a new behavior and hygiene concept for you, some of which we would like to
communicate to you here. As a host, it is important to us that you continue to feel comfortable as a guest in our house and that you lack nothing. Extreme times require extreme measures. Your
health is important to us!

In the kitchen and the restaurant:

  • Our tables are placed in such a way that guests always have a minimum distance of 1.5m from each other
  • Tables can be effectively separated from one another by room dividers
  • Even if the frequency is low, we will use all available rooms in order to separate the guests from one another as much as possible
  • Revised hygiene concept for our employees
  • No salt and pepper shakers on the tables
  • Our staff will wear hygienic serving gloves in the future
  • From now on, all employees will wear face-to-face masks
    As before, we give all guests a cleaning cloth to start the menu
  • Wir reichen wie bisher auch allen Gästen ein Reinigungstuch zum Start des Menüs
  • We focus on cashless payments methods
  • We have increased the performance of the supply and exhaust air
  • Room humidity is increased

At the reception:

  • Entrance and intermediate doors are left open for ventilation
  • We have installed a plexiglass wall at our reception
  • Our employees wear mouth and nose protection
  • For the time being we fo not offer a fruit basket at check-in, but we are happy to offer our guests fruit and a soft drink upon request
  • We focus on cashless payment methods
  • Room keys and cards are disinfected when they are issued and accepted
  • We installed disinfectant dispensers on the wall

On the floors:

  • To avoid contact with too many people, only one housekeeper per floor will clean the rooms
  • Disinfect door knobs, light switches and handrails on stairs and other walls more often
  • We have optimized our cleaning concept again
  • All housekeeping employees wear protective clothing, face masks and gloves
  • For the time being, minibars are no longer available
  • Remote controls and all everyday items are disinfected more frequently

In the guest toilets:

  • A disinfectant dispenser is available in every toilet
  • For the time being we will only offer disposable towels
  • Shortening of the cleaning cycles
  • Motive of the cleaning cycles with the daily signature of the cleaning staff
  • More frequent disinfection of the door handles and fittings in the guest toilets

Entrance area:

  • Disinfectant dispenser is available to every guest
  • Behavioral instructions are clearly visible
  • Control entry
  • „Wait to be seated“ in the restaurant – seats are allocated
  • Distance markings have been installed in the house

Night entrance:

  • Disinfectant dispenser is available to every guest
  • Attach behavioral instructions so that they are clearly visible
  • Distance markings have been installed in the house

Behavior toward our guests:

  • No body contact, no shaking hands, no patting on the shoulder in passing
  • Communication takes place at a distance of at least 1.5m
  • Do not speak while serving oder clearing (virus is spread through the airways)
  • Rules of conduct communicate through a notice at the entrance
  • Cough/sneeze in the crook of your arm
  • Frequent thorough hand washing
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