Our concept of HEIMWEH | FERNWEH


Because our local roots are firm, the regional products diverse and the longing for the taste of the distance is great, the cuisine of Maerz and Maerz is the perfect culinary combination of homesickness and wanderlust. Tied to our homeland and yet cosmopolitan – that’s how we are and that’s how we cook.

We also want to give joy and make our guests happy. This is what is particularly important to us, the team at Restaurant Maerz in Bietigheim-Bissingen. We want to take you on a culinary journey and take you into a world of first-class enjoyment without losing sight of the traditional. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with us from the first moment. We therefore commit ourselves and promise you, on the one hand, to only use the best products and culinary raw materials that we can purchase and, on the other, to receive you with typical Baden-Württemberg hospitality. Because we want to get in touch with you, present our star cuisine to you in a relaxed manner and not let you forget your visit to us so quickly.

It is our aim to keep getting better and not to stick to old, lost patterns. We want to develop ourselves and our cuisine, try new things and be inspired by international flavors. Our culinary identity is a tasteful mix of near and far, which allows neighbors, connoisseurs and foodies alike to think outside the box. It is a matter close to our hearts to combine craft traditions with modern
cooking techniques and thus create a range of enjoyment. In doing so, we keep asking ourselves the question: What can we bring back into our kitchen from our numerous culinary trips so that the connoisseur feels a touch of wanderlust, gets a desire for something new – and at the same
time can experience the diversity of the region?
This is how our concept of HEIMWEH | FERNWEH was born: the creation of tasty moments of surprise with apparently familiar dishes. But the best thing to do is convince yourself of our unique variety of dishes and our selected menu specials!

The ambience in our star-rated restaurant in Bietigheim-Bissingen is surprisingly different than in most of the upscale restaurants. With their personal experiences and stories they have already experienced, our service team and restaurant manager Christian Maerz will be happy to talk to you as a guest in order to underline the excellent food with interesting stories and to give you an
overall picture of what it means to be active in gastronomy.

Despite the Michelin Guide star awarded to Benjamin Maerz a few years ago, the overall concept
of the Maerz restaurant is by no means lifted off. The Maerz brothers attach great importance to
the down-to-earth attitude that their parents have given and imparted, which we all complete with
a certain amount of exclusivity and cosiness. At the same time we try to arouse curiosity and a
feeling for the modern way of cooking in our guests, but not to go with every emerging trend.

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